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8 June 2017
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What is intracranial hemorrhage?

8 June 2017, Comments: 0

Intracranial hemorrhage is characterized as acute bleeding within the skull or brain. As a life-threatening emergency, call for emergency assistance or bring the individual […]

5 June 2017
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Falls: Potential health risk among the elderly

5 June 2017, Comments: 0

Falls among the elderly poses as a significant health risk. Among younger individuals, falls only result to a few bruises and minimal soreness. As […]

19 May 2017
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What is brain hypoxia?

19 May 2017, Comments: 0

Brain hypoxia occurs if the brain does not receive enough oxygen. This can occur while drowning, suffocation, choking or in cardiac arrest. Other possible […]

13 March 2017
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What is brachial plexopathy?

13 March 2017, Comments: 0

Brachial plexopathy develops if there is damage or impairment to the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is a nerve bundle that exits the spinal […]

23 February 2017
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Trapped cervical nerve

23 February 2017, Comments: 0

A trapped cervical nerve can trigger various symptoms. In most cases, it can cause diminished range of motion of the neck, pins and needles […]