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6 September 2014
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What are the causes of skin ulcers?

6 September 2014, Comments: 0

It is important to note that a skin ulcer is basically a crater-like formation on the skin that is caused by various reasons such […]

16 August 2014
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What are the types of dressings suitable for burn wounds?

16 August 2014, Comments: 0

It is a known fact that burns tend to vary in severity, depending on the area affected and how deep it penetrated the skin […]

13 June 2014
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Cat bite diseases

13 June 2014, Comments: 0

Cats have small-sized yet sharp teeth that can easily cause a deep puncture wound. It is important to wash the affected area thoroughly and […]

12 June 2014
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Cleaning a staph wound

12 June 2014, Comments: 0

It is important that you know how to handle infected wounds. You can learn this by enrolling in a first aid class in order […]

5 June 2014
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Managing burns caused by boiling water

5 June 2014, Comments: 0

Burns caused by exposure to boiling water can cause damage to the affected part just like with other types of burns. By understanding the […]