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6 March 2018
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Peritonitis is an infection of the interior lining of the abdomen. If the condition is left untreated, it can be dangerous. The lining of […]

14 February 2018
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Trichinosis is defined as a food-borne ailment brought about by consuming poorly cooked or raw meat, especially pork that has been infested by larvae […]

15 January 2018
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Incense poisoning

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Incense poisoning can occur if an individual accidentally or intentionally swallows the compound. Aside from ingestion, poisoning can occur from inhalation of the fumes. […]

10 November 2017
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Potential side effects of calcium ascorbate

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Calcium ascorbate is a combination of calcium and vitamin C in a single supplement. The presence of calcium lowers the acidity level of vitamin […]

3 November 2017
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Can jalapenos trigger stomach pain?

3 November 2017, Comments: 0

Stomach pain can be triggered if jalapenos are eaten. Take note that not all cases of stomach discomfort due to jalapenos is a cause […]