Food Safe Courses

We proudly offer both food safe level 1 and food safe level 1 courses in the Victoria region. These courses are designed to teach participants basic food handling, preparing, storage, sanitation and serving techniques. Participants will learn about common food borne illnesses and how to prevent the spread of disease.

Typical Candidates

Food safe courses are commonly offered to cooks, chefs, servers, bakers, bussers, deli workers, dishwashers and restaurant managers. These courses are also ideal for individuals that want to know how to safely prepare, cook and store food at home.

Who is required to have food safe certification?

The British Columbia health act states that every food service establishment must hold a certificate of the successful completion of the food handler program known as food safe. The act also states that every food establishment operator must have someone present that holds a certificate whenever the establishment is open.


Participants that successfully complete the food safety training course will receive a certificate that is valid for 5 years. Participants must renew this certification after every 5 years.  It is recommended that you renew your food safe certification every 3 years.  Certification is issued through the Health Authority of Victoria. In case of lost certification participants will need to contact the local health authority to be issued a replacement.

Course Cost

The cost of a food safe level 1 course is 75 dollars. Food safe level 2 costs 140 dollars. Course fee includes manual, certification fees and all applicable taxes.

Private Courses

We proudly offer all of our courses to groups of any size. To book a private class contact us via telephone or email.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are qualified and experienced instructors that strive to offer educational and fun classes. Take a food safe course with us and learn the latest skills and knowledge of safe food handling practises.