Emergency First Aid Re-Certifications

This particular workplace approved program is specifically designed for customers that are looking to re-cert formerly obtained emergency first aid, CPR and AED certificates. This course is cheaper and is significantly quicker when compared with the basic emergency first aid course. CPR renewal is included within this course and individuals can pick either cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) “C” or “A” renewal with the class. The cert from this class is of equivalent worth when compared to the initial cert participants acquire. Before enrolling applicants have to satisfy the prerequisite criteria listed here. To sign-up for a refresher program select the training course time, date and location from the wide variety below. This program is provided at the lowest prices and also in the best quality centres in Victoria.

Application Conditions / Prerequisites

To be qualified for emergency first aid, CPR and AED re-cert via Victoria First Aid participants will have to:

Workplace approved emergency first aid re-certification in Victoria

Workplace approved emergency first aid re-certification in Victoria includes CPR certification.

  • Have obtained an emergency 1st aid course (or renewal class) through a reputable Canadian provider such as the Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. Johns Ambulance or St Mark James Training
  • Have successfully completed the previous emergency first aid, CPR and AED course (or refresher class) in the past three years

However, if applicants do not fulfill these two prerequisites they have to re-take the full program.

Re-Certification Course Cost

The cost of the emergency first aid and CPR level A and AED re-cert program is (price) dollars. Participants can partner the training course with cardiopulmonary resuscitation level C for (price) dollars.

Re-Cert Program Length

The length of the re-cert class is 8 hours as dictated by provincial regulations. Applicants can not complete the course prior to 5 hours.

Accreditation / Certifications

Individuals that fulfil the skills and test requirements for the class immediately receive a St Mark James emergency first aid, CPR and AED re-certification award. This particular award meets several school, federal, provincial and employment requirements.

Private Emergency First Aid Re-cert Lessons

Private emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation refresher programs are offered. Please contact us via telephone or e-mail to schedule a private re-certification course.


To sign up for any emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation renewal training course in Victoria choose the location, time and date of the program that fits your schedule from the choices directly below. Complete the registration to ensure a place inside the class.