Transport of Dangerous Goods

Occupational hazards are part and parcel in most jobs. However, working specifically in an occupation that exposes you to hazardous materials increases the risk of occupational hazards to personal health. There are different training programs meant to decrease the risk of injury, one such being the TDG training program. TDG is short for Transport of Dangerous Goods. It goes hand-in-hand with the WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) training program, also offered at Victoria First Aid.

Health Acts in Canada about Transport of Dangerous Goods

In Canada, there is an act called the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act that was drafted in 1992. This act regulates the transport of hazardous materials in Canada, focusing on the means of containment and transport rather than symbolism on the containers themselves (which is part of WHMIS training). It also specifies that an emergency response assistance plan be in place before, during, and after the transport of the dangerous goods.

The act also regulates TDG training in Canada. In occupations that deal with hazardous goods (called HAZMAT or hazardous materials in the United States), TDG training is required to prevent any injuries as well as to prevent any unlawful behavior in regards with hazardous materials.

Victoria First Aid TDG Training

The Transport of Dangerous Goods program available at Victoria First Aid is four hours long, coursed over a single day. It is offered in a classroom set-up as well as online. The online version is a bit shorter, taking three hours to complete. There are nine units in the classroom course, with a short quiz given after each. All the scores are tallied and recorded in our database, so when students need an additional copy or they lose theirs and need a new certificate, we can easily provide them with one.

The online TDG course also has 9 modules, similar to the classroom version’s curriculum. A student needs to pass the test after each module proceed to the next module. Online training is a favorite among students who work during the day or have class (meaning they don’t have time to take full classroom courses).

Online training costs less, 30 dollars. The TDG classroom course is 50 dollars.

TDG training certificate

Victoria First Aid awards all its students with training credentials upon passing the certification exam. Unlike credentials for CPR and first aid, a TDG training credential doesn’t expire, nor does the trainee have to take refresher courses every number of years.

Signing up for training

Enrollment into the Transport of Dangerous Goods training program for Victoria First¬†Aid is as easy as filling up the form below. You don’t even need to download anything, just complete the form with your information and click submit. We will process all your requests during the next business day.

If you can visit us, do so. Our administrative staff is very hospitable and will be happy to help you with your inquiries. You can even ask for a tour or sit-in to a class currently on going. We will be glad to help you.

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