25 June 2013
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Nowadays, we are living in an increasingly unpredictable world. Given that this is a well-established fact, one would expect that emergency preparedness would become a virtue among people. Unfortunately, the number of people with emergency skills is still too low.

What is more disturbing is that most of the people who are in need of emergency skills are the ones who don’t have it. For instance, there are special CPR (or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) specifically designed to help infants if they are ever caught up in a dangerous situation. However, most expecting parents get caught up with the excitement of baby announcements that the thought of taking emergency first aid classes completely slip their minds.

Life Saving Techniques

Parents need to remember that there are particular circumstances wherein you will be the only one who can help your child. When faced with this type of situation, emergency response is often too far away. A common example of such situation would be the onset of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In this particular situation, a quick reaction time and the correct application of CPR is the only thing that can save your child’s life. Having knowledge of the necessary emergency skills will make the difference in such extreme situations.

CPR and First Aid Courses

These courses are often taught by experienced medical professionals and

emergency medical workers. They will show the new parents the whole procedure behind CPR. More often than not, these classes are taught by making use of child-size dummies.

Following the instructor’s demonstration, parents are then asked to execute the entire procedure. This is a hands-on approach to teaching that has been proven to be extremely effective. This is because experience is the best form of education. This approach prepares parents for the various emergency situations they may have to face.

Other than CPR training, emergency classes also teach parents how to deal with other medical emergencies. There is a wide array of classes to choose from. For instance, there are classes that deal with sprains and bumps. There are also classes that focus on the correct application of the Heimlich maneuver, while others focus on how to deal with broken bones.

Taking CPR Classes

Attending an emergency preparedness class will teach you a number of

First Aid and CPR Class

First Aid and CPR Class

extremely important techniques. All of the things you will learn from these classes are designed to help you with potentially dangerous circumstances.

Taking these first aid and CPR classes are certainly the most effective way for anyone to acquire the necessary emergency skills. For instance, only by attending a special CPR class can anyone learn all the necessary infant emergency procedures. It is a little known fact that there are significant differences between adult CPR and infant CPR. Failure to differentiate between the procedures can lead to disastrous consequences.

All parents should have at least the most basic infant CPR training. While it is still highly recommended that parents read all the available Information regarding infant CPR on the internet, they should never be taken as an alternative to attending an actual class. These articles are for educational purposes only.

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