Can jalapenos trigger stomach pain?

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Stomach pain can be triggered if jalapenos are eaten. Take note that not all cases of stomach discomfort due to jalapenos is a cause for concern. A minor case might be due to bloating or gas. Other causes for the discomfort include irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer or food allergy.

It is best to consult a doctor so that the cause can be diagnosed. Self-care should not be started until a doctor has been consulted.


Certain foods are considered gas-forming. Consuming spicy foods including jalapenos might increase the movement of food via the bowels which causes increased gas.

Consuming spicy foods including jalapenos might increase the movement of food via the bowels which causes increased gas.

The gas pain arises if it is trapped in the GI tract and places pressure on the intestines. The usual indications including a knotted sensation in the stomach, passing gas, stabbing pain in the abdomen and swelling. Generally, it can cause intense pain but considered harmless.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Some foods can instigate digestive issues if the individual has irritable bowel syndrome. This condition mainly affects the large intestines.

Certain foods can aggravate the condition such as spicy foods, carbonated beverages, dairy products and chocolate. Aside from the stomach pain, other symptoms include chronic diarrhea, stomach upset and constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome is managed with diet modifications, prescription medications and stress-lowering techniques.

Peptic ulcer

If the individual has a peptic ulcer, consuming jalapenos can cause stomach pain that ranges from minor to severe. The ulcers are not brought about by eating spicy foods, but its symptoms can be triggered by consuming spicy foods.

Most ulcers are due to an infection in the lining of the digestive tract. Individuals with ulcers must avoid spicy foods. Until the ulcer is treated, do not eat jalapenos or any spicy food that can result to heartburn.

Food allergy

There is a possibility that the individual has a food allergy if stomach pain arises every time jalapenos are eaten. If the individual is allergic to other peppers, he/she is likely to be sensitive to jalapenos.

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