Skin Injuries

What is gangrene?

Gangrene is defined as a serious condition resulting to the death of the body tissues due to the loss of blood supply. It can affect any part of the body but usually in the feet, toes, hands and fingers. Gangrene can also develop after an infection, injury or long-term condition that disrupts the blood […]

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Leprosy is a long-lasting infectious condition brought about by the Mycobacterium leprae bacterium. Generally, children are affected more than adults. The condition typically affects the skin, peripheral nerves, eyes, upper respiratory tract, nose and nasal mucosa which results to skin lesions, deformity and disfigurement. Take note that the cooler regions of the body especially the

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How to deal with a post-caesarean wound infection

A post-caesarean wound infection occurs after undergoing a C-section. An infection is typically due to a bacterial infection in the incision site. The usual signs include fever up to 100.5-103 degrees F, low abdominal pain and wound sensitivity. It is vital to start prompt treatment to lessen the risk for complications from the infection. What

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