Stomach Issues


Peritonitis is an infection of the interior lining of the abdomen. If the condition is left untreated, it can be dangerous. The lining of the abdomen or peritoneum covers the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and the bowel. Once this lining is infected, the internal organs it covers might also be damaged. This …

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Trichinosis is defined as a food-borne ailment brought about by consuming poorly cooked or raw meat, especially pork that has been infested by larvae of the trichinella spiralis worm. Remember that anyone is at risk. What are the causes? The usual causes include: Ingestion poorly cooked or raw pork products Eating poorly stored meat products …

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Incense poisoning

Incense poisoning can occur if an individual accidentally or intentionally swallows the compound. Aside from ingestion, poisoning can occur from inhalation of the fumes. An incense is an aromatic material that is burned for religious or ceremonial purposes. There are 2 forms available – direct and indirect burning. Most incense are available in various forms …

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