Hand bone spurs: What are the ideal treatment options?

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Hand bone spurs are described as bony growths in the finger joints. This form of bone spur generally develops close to the finger joints due to the wearing out of the joint cartilage, specifically osteoarthritis. The signs of having hand bone spurs include pain, stiffness, swelling and diminished range of motion.

Regular exercise and physical therapy

Hand bone spurs are typically accompanied by reduced range of motion, rigidity and loss of strength. Occupational therapy, physical therapy or an exercise regimen at home with emphasis on grip strength and range of motion can help in maximizing the function of the affected hand.

The signs of having hand bone spurs include pain, stiffness, swelling and diminished range of motion.

Hot water baths can also help in lessening the pain and stiffness as well as making exercise tolerable. The exercises focus on actively mobilizing the fingers against mild resistance such as gripping a soft ball.

Injections and medications

Anti-inflammatory medications might be prescribed by the doctor for individuals with hand bone spurs and osteoarthritis. If the oral variants are not effective, the doctor might suggest the injection of steroids into the affected joint.

The anti-inflammatory medications only provide brief relief to the discomfort. As for steroid injections, they provide relief to the pain for several months but could not be repeated frequently.

Surgical intervention

If the conservative measures fail to provide relief, surgery is oftentimes an option. The hand bone spurs that develop outside of the joints can be removed easily. If the joints are involved, an extensive surgery is carried out.

The surgical procedure involves reconstruction of the existing joint, fusion of the joint or replacement with an artificial joint. The doctor will discuss the suitable options for the individual and each procedure requires a phase of rehabilitation ranging from 2-12 weeks.

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