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Throughout the years, apples are known to trigger an allergic reaction is some highly sensitive individuals. Even though apple is considered as a low allergy food, it can still trigger oral allergy symptoms among those who are allergic to the birch pollen. These individuals can experience sensitivity only to the skin of the apple or uncooked apples. Remember that this cross-reaction with birch pollen and fruits linked to apples will make the diagnosis difficult. The individual must carefully monitor his/her symptoms and consult a doctor for proper assessment.

If an individual is suspected with apple allergy, it is important that he/she will consult a doctor for proper testing. Being prepared to handle an allergic reaction is vital. All you have to do is to enroll in a class on first aid today.

What are the oral symptoms?

Apple allergy
It is important to note that the inflammation of the mucous membranes can block the airways, resulting to nasal congestion, runny nose and shortness of breath.

The symptoms of apple allergy that affect the mouth, lips and throat can come first before the other indications of the allergy manifest or can point towards a cross-reaction particularly during the pollination season of the birch trees during spring. The itchy lips or throat and tingling sensation can occur right after eating apples that can occur along with elevated bumps inside the mouth and itchiness.

Individuals can also have sensitivity to certain fruits related to apples such as pears and quinces. In case the individual can consume cooked apples without any problem, the allergic reaction to birch pollen might have triggered the apple cross-reactions.

Effects on the skin

Just like with other food allergies, an apple allergy typically instigates the itchiness of the skin, often accompanied by a topical rash after an hour or so after eating apples. The flaky and patchy skin and redness can persist or even lead to hives which is a rash of bumps or welts. The affected area will feel painful and tender while swelling can locally manifest or on the eyelids and face. In case of severe swelling, it can even close the eyes of the individual.

Digestives issues

Right after eating apples, the individual might experience the digestive symptoms once the fruit goes all the way through the digestive tract. The symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and pain that occur abruptly even though hours have passed after the ingestion of apples.

Breathing problems

The symptoms that involve the respiratory system can occur due to the inflammation of the tissues or can indicate the start of anaphylaxis which is considered as a medical emergency. The individual shows moderate to severe swelling, difficulty swallowing or breathing. It is important to note that the inflammation of the mucous membranes can block the airways, resulting to nasal congestion, runny nose and shortness of breath.

In rare cases, all the physical changes triggered by apple allergy include anaphylaxis which is a full-body reaction that can be life-threatening. Call for emergency assistance if the individual has a weak or rapid pulse rate, lightheadedness, difficulty speaking or suddenly loses consciousness.

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