Indications of avocado allergy

Indications of avocado allergy

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Even when an individual has an allergic response to an apparently harmless food such as avocado, the body will not recognize the proteins in the food. Food allergies are health issues that must not be taken lightly. The immune system goes into attack mode as it struggles to deal with the foreign proteins. Although some of the indications of an avocado allergy are minor in nature, some are considered dangerously severe.

What are the avocado allergy symptoms?

If an individual ingests any dish that contains avocado, the mouth will start to tingle and the lips become itchy. Even handling the fruit can also lead to itchiness and possible reddening. After eating the food, the individual can end up with runny, watery eyes and even wheezing.

These symptoms might appear right away or several hours later in some cases. In addition, as the allergen progresses via the digestive tract, the individual will end up with abdominal cramps, diarrhea or vomiting.

Avocado allergy
Even if an individual has a known allergy to avocado, the doctor will most likely provide a prescription for an injectable epinephrine.

Treatment of the allergy

If an individual is highly sensitive to avocados, the throat will start to swell, thus making it hard to breath. Medical attention is required in such cases since it can progress into anaphylaxis which is a life-threatening condition. Even if an individual has a known allergy to avocado, the doctor will most likely provide a prescription for an injectable epinephrine.

In case the individual came in contact with avocado, administer a shot of epinephrine which prevents a reaction from progressing into anaphylaxis. If the individual was the one who administered a shot, he/she still requires follow-up care in the nearest emergency department to ensure that the allergy has diminished.

Can cross contamination occur?

If the individual ordered any food that contains avocados or guacamole, it will surely trigger an allergic reaction. The individual might also end up with symptoms from cross contamination.

Always bear in mind that cross contamination can easily occur in restaurants that prepare dishes that contain the offending food. A good example is when the chef prepares a salad that includes avocados. With this in mind, a particular dish that does not contain avocados can trigger an allergic reaction. The possibility of cross contamination is high especially when eating outside. This is why the individual should be careful and always alert those preparing food regarding his/her allergy.

Connection with latex

An individual who has latex allergy is more likely to be highly sensitive to avocados. Almost half of those with latex allergy end up with outbreaks not only to avocados, but also from tomatoes, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, passion fruit, plums and chestnuts.

A reaction occurs since some of the proteins in latex are strikingly similar to the proteins in these foods. Upon confirmation of the latex allergy, he/she must eliminate avocados as well as these other foods or undergo testing in order to determine the potential allergens to avoid.


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