Pec major tendon inflammation

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The inflammation of the pec major tendon is common among swimmers, rowers, throwers and racket players. The pectoralis major muscle is a strong, large-sized muscle positioned at the front of the chest.

It is utilized in rotating the arm inwardly, pulling a horizontal arm crosswise the body, pulling the arm downwards from above the head and pull the arm from side upwards. The tendon where it inserts into the humerus is likely to become inflamed.

Indications of pec major tendon inflammation

Pec major tendon inflammation
Shoulder pain especially at the anterior part of the higher arm in which the biceps tendon attaches into bone.

The indications of this condition usually include the following:

  • Shoulder pain especially at the anterior part of the higher arm in which the biceps tendon attaches into bone
  • Pain is triggered if the muscle is used to pull the arm across the front of the chest against resistance or if the arm is rotated inwards against resistance.
  • The pain usually occurs in a gradual manner


Adequate rest is an essential component of treatment. Since pec major tendon inflammation is often related to overuse, continuing with activity will not allow the injury to fully recover.

In case it is painful without even touching or moving the affected area, it is vital to apply an ice pack during the initial 2 days at 20 minutes for every session at 3-8 times throughout the day. Once the initial soreness settled, you can apply heat along with a heat retainer. The suitable rehabilitation program is usually given by a sports injury professional.

Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen might be prescribed by the doctor. In some cases, laser treatment or ultrasound are used to minimize the pain and inflammation. In chronic cases, sports massage techniques might be used.

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