What are the bumps on the finger joints?

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All of us depend on our fingers to perform various tasks such as writing, typing and many more. Once there is a perceivable bump on the finger joints, especially one that is sore, it is an issue to worry about since it might indicate a serious underlying health condition. By determining the conditions that cause the bumps on the finger joints, the individual will know when to seek medical care.

There are several causes related to bumps on the finger joints. One of the prevalent yet harmless causes is a ganglion cyst which is a fluid-filled growth. The inflammation related to arthritis is also a cause of bumps on the finger joints. In case rheumatoid arthritis instigates the development of a bump, it is called as a Bouchard’s node. As for osteoarthritis, it is called as Herberden’s node. Additionally, gout which involves the buildup of fluid can also cause a bump to develop on the finger.

Identifying the bumps on the finger joints

When an individual develops bumps on the finger joints, the doctor will take the medical history of the individual to assess the symptoms that might be related to the bump. The symptoms typically include swelling, pain and soreness which indicate the presence of arthritis.

In case the cyst does not cause pain and filled with fluid, this can indicate the presence of a ganglion cyst. Always remember that gout typically occurs among middle-aged individuals as well as elderly women and characterized by the soft, tissue-filled bumps on the finger joints. By enrolling in a first aid course, you can learn measures to provide relief to the symptoms.

Bumps on the finger joints
In case the cyst does not cause pain and filled with fluid, this can indicate the presence of a ganglion cyst.

Diagnosing the finger bumps

When the doctor is uncertain regarding the extent of the bump or its contents, various tests are carried out to diagnose the precise cause. Needle aspiration involves the insertion of a needle into the bump to draw out a sample of the tissue. Take note that this tissue is examined under a microscope. An X-ray can also be performed to check if the joint has deteriorated under the lump which can indicate the presence of arthritis.

Management of bumps on the finger joints

Even though a bump on the finger is usually an aesthetic issue, the need to remove the bump can be carried through surgical or non-surgical treatment. When it comes to non-surgical treatment, it includes cortisone injections into the bump. Take note that cortisone is a potent and anti-inflammatory medication that can help minimize the inflammation related to arthritis. The doctor will remove surgically a ganglion cyst. General anesthesia is usually needed for the procedure due to the delicate network of blood vessels and nerves present in the hand. The bumps caused by gout or other medical conditions can be managed with medications.

Important consideration to bear in mind

In rare cases, the bumps on the finger joints can be triggered by a cancerous tumor on the hand. The tumor can start as a tissue mass or as a sac filled with fluid known as a cyst. Due to this, it is vital to consult a doctor regarding the bumps on the finger joints especially those that do not go away over time.

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