What are the effects of gout on the shoulder?

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The purines are part of the structure of nucleic acids which are molecules that comprises the DNA. They are present in all cells in the body. Once purines are broken down, they form uric acid which is a waste product that is normally excreted by the kidneys. Always bear in mind that gout is a condition that develops due to the accumulation of uric acid in the body. The uric acid develops into pointed crystals which accumulate in the joints. Even though less affected by the condition, gout can also be affected by gout.



The sharpened uric acid crystals can irritate the soft tissues of the joint affected by gout, thus resulting to pain and discomfort. In some circumstances, these crystals can increase in number and cause the joint to end up with a spiky appearance in an X-ray result.

The pain linked with gout can be described as throbbing, excruciating and crushing. It occurs abruptly, usually manifests in the middle of the night and can be severe that even the pressure of a bed sheet on the joint can trigger extreme pain.


The sharpened uric acid crystals can irritate the soft tissues of the joint affected by gout, thus resulting to pain and discomfort.

Gout can trigger the inflammation in the joint which leads to the manifestation of symptoms such as swelling and redness. The swelling occurs once the body is flooded and irritated by histamine which increases the permeability in the blood vessels. Take note that this allows increased amounts of fluids to flow out of the blood vessels and into the tissues of the affected area.


Once gout progresses to the chronic stage, the individual might experience the formation of tophi which are knob-like crystalline lumps that accumulate under the skin of the affected joint. The tophi are usually painless but can trigger pain if they disrupt with joint function.

The drainage of the chalk-like material from the tophi can manifest. It is important to note that tophaceous gout in the muscle of the shoulder is uncommon than pseudogout that affects the same joint. This condition has symptoms similar to gout but caused by calcium deposits instead of uric acid.

Diminished range of motion

Gout is considered as a type of arthritis. If the condition is untreated, a persistent case can lead to the deterioration of the joint structure. This can lead to deformities and diminished range of motion in the shoulder joint. The tophi on the rotator cuff can lead to impingement of the shoulder joint which eventually reduces the range of motion.

Once an individual experiences the symptoms of gout, it is best to set an appointment with a doctor so that proper assessment and testing can be carried out. This will confirm the right diagnosis and the right treatment can be started.

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