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What are the risks of a back brace?

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A back brace is commonly used by individuals who had surgery of the back, has back pain due to a medical condition, after a temporary or minor injury and those who perform heavy lifting.

There are 2 types of back braces available in the market today – rigid and soft braces. The rigid type is used to immobilize the bony and muscular structure of the spine. As for the soft type, it is also called as a lumbar corset that is specifically designed to provide the spine with added support. Just remember though that a back brace has its own share of risks if it is not properly used.


Prolonged and continuous use of a back brace is not advised unless instructed by a doctor or in severe cases since it can weaken the lumbar muscles. Extended use of a back brace is a not ideal but should be task-specific. It simply means that when an individual is engaged in an activity that puts the back at risk, the back brace should be used. Once these tasks are completed, the brace should be removed.

Back brace
Prolonged and continuous use of a back brace is not advised unless instructed by a doctor or in severe cases since it can weaken the lumbar muscles.

Unsuitable braces

Always bear in mind that more damage can occur to the back if the right back brace is not used. The braces that provide lumbar support come in a wide selection.

  • If the individual needs lower back support, he/she can select a lumbar support back brace.
  • If support is needed for the upper buttock area and lower back, it is recommended to use a lumbar sacral support brace.
  • Children and adults who are diagnosed with scoliosis or unnatural curvature of the spine should look for one that is specifically designed for the condition

The reason for a back brace is also a vital consideration in the selection process. There might be a need to limit movement or lessen the pain without limiting movement. Once too much movement is restricted, it can drastically affect the quality of life which has an impact on the recovery process.

Back exercises

It is vital to engage on lumbar strengthening exercises on a regular basis to promote better back health. As for extreme cases, working with a physical therapist is usually needed. A doctor should be consulted though if the back pain persists. In such cases, using a back brace can aggravate the problem.

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