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Do I have a bruised or broken tailbone?

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The tailbone is a small-size bone positioned at the base of the vertebral column. There are various forms of trauma or injuries such as falling hard or giving birth that can bruise or damage the tailbone which results to undesirable symptoms. Individuals who end up with the symptoms of a bruised or broken tailbone should consult a doctor for further assessment and care.

A hard impact from falling on the rear while playing certain sports can lead to a bruised or broken tailbone. Due to the sheer force, there is a possibility that the coccyx sustained damage that can lead to the development of symptoms that can be minimal or become intense depending on the severity of the injury sustained by the individual.

Discolored skin

Injury to the tailbone can damage the blood vessels within the neighboring skin. Once this occurs, an individual with a bruised or broken tailbone develops a discolored bruise at the area of trauma.

Broken tailbone
A broken tailbone can damage the skin, underlying tissues and muscles surrounding the bone.

The adjacent skin at the base of the spine initially appears reddened. Once the injury starts to heal, the bruise may appear green, yellow, purple, deep red or black depending on the severity of the injury. The discoloration is only temporary and eventually resolves once the damaged area heals. Individuals who suffer from intense or persistent bruising of the lower back or spine must undergo further assessment by a doctor to ensure that there are no other injuries.

Pain, tenderness or swelling

A broken tailbone can damage the skin, underlying tissues and muscles surrounding the bone. As an outcome, an individual might develop unusual swelling, tenderness or pain at the area of trauma. The sensations of pain or discomfort can be worsened if the individual tries to sit down or walk.

Even though these symptoms are only temporary, the individual can suffer from pain, swelling or tenderness for several weeks or even months before the injury fully heals.

Agonizing bowel movements

In some individuals, there is discomfort or soreness during bowel movement due to a bruised or broken tailbone. The swelling and inflammation within the lower part of the spine can affect the intestinal tract and cause constipation in some individuals. Those who are constipated can also suffer from cramping, abdominal discomfort or bloating.

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