Extensor tendonitis

Extensor tendonitis

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Extensor tendonitis involves inflammation of the foot tendons. This is likely to occur if the individual has spent some time on his/her feet or wearing shoes that are too tight.


If it affects the hands, it is generally due to excessive use of the tendons in a short span of time or from activities or sports that involve the wrists.

Luckily, there are simple measures that can alleviate the symptoms of extensor tendonitis as well as therapies to deal with the injury.

What are the indications?

The main sign of foot extensor tendonitis is discomfort or pain in the upper part of the foot. The discomfort arises around the middle region of the dorsal of the foot. The individual might experience the condition in both feet, but often only on one foot. The discomfort typically builds up steadily while using the tendon.

Extensor tendonitis
The sore tendons must be allowed to rest in both cases that involve the hand and foot. The application of ice on the site can also alleviate the inflammation.

The tendons might also weaken which can disrupt with the ability to move the toes or push off from the toes while dancing, jumping or running. Being on the feet or running for an extended span of time can worsen the pain.

If extensor tendonitis affects the hand, it triggers pain and rigidity in the upper part of the hand, usually around the wrist. There is also tingling or numbness in the site.

Management of extensor tendonitis

Allow the sore tendons to rest in both cases that involve the hand and foot. The application of ice on the site can also alleviate the inflammation.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is also given to lessen the pain.

Strengthening and stretching exercises are also beneficial in restoring the flexibility and strength of the tendon as well as the range of motion.

Depending on the severity of the condition, physical therapy might be required for both the hands and feet.

Steroid shots might also be a choice for the hands and feet, but these are suggested only for severe cases. These shots can deteriorate the tendons briefly which puts them at higher risk for injury.





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