Itchiness from insect bites: Ideal home remedies

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Insects bites can produce itchy skin reactions that vary in severity from mild irritation to an undesirable rash. The itchiness is one of the usual reactions to insect bites that are generally instigated by the foreign proteins present in the saliva of the insect.

When it comes to insect bites, there are some home remedies that can provide relief to mild irritation, but it is vital that you are familiar with the other indications that might require prompt medical care.

What are the types?

Various home remedies are available for the itchiness triggered by insect bites such as ice packs, calamine lotion and baking soda paste. These are known to provide relief by cooling and soothing the irritated skin.

Various home remedies are available for the itchiness triggered by insect bites such as ice packs, calamine lotion and baking soda paste.

Another option is to use crushed plantain leaves as an herbal remedy to stop the itchiness from the insect bites.

Are these remedies effective?

The home remedies for the itchiness tend to vary in effectiveness depending on the type of insect and seriousness of the itchiness.

If the individual scratched the site extensively before using any home remedy, it might lessen the effectiveness or even allow a skin infection to develop. Avoid using moistened table salt on an insect bite that has been scratched since it can irritate and cause a burning sensation on the broken skin.

How to care for insect bites

Generally, cleanse the site of the bite first using warm water and soap to maximize the effectiveness of the home remedy chosen. If baking soda is used, it is best to use it with a water ratio of 3:1 and mix the powder and liquid together before applying gently on the affected site. Utilize a cotton ball or soft cloth when applying liquid remedies.


The home remedies for the itchiness from insect bites are generally safe but it is vital to always check with a doctor first if uncertain. Aside from the itchiness, bites and stings from insects might trigger severe allergic reactions among sensitive individuals.

The indications of a serious reaction include throat tightness, breathing issues, turning blue and facial or mouth swelling. Prompt medical care is required for this potentially dangerous condition.

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