Sudden joint pain: What are the causes?

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Some medical conditions can cause sudden joint pain. The pain might be brought about by autoimmune conditions, overuse injuries, infectious diseases, degenerative conditions and trauma.

Sudden joint pain can manifest in one or several joints. The intensity might range from minor to severe. In some instances, the pain can disrupt daily activities of the individual.

Common causes of sudden joint pain

Septic arthritis

Sudden joint pain can manifest in one or several joints.

Septic arthritis can trigger sudden joint pain. The condition is characterized by intense painful joint infection due to fungi or bacteria. The bacterial infections are the usual cause of septic arthritis than the fungal form.

The condition is characterized by intense, sudden joint pain and damage in one joint. The condition is common in the ankle, knee, shoulder, hip, wrist and elbow. The elderly and young individuals are at highest risk for developing the condition.

Gouty arthritis

Gouty arthritis is a form of arthritis that is due to the buildup of uric acid crystals inside a joint. The usual indications of an acute gouty attack include sudden joint pain in one or several joints, warmth to the touch and fever.

Even though gouty arthritis can develop in any part of the body, the joints of the big toe, ankle and knee are typically affected. Remember that it is not unusual for the individual to go on for months or even years between episodes of gouty arthritis. If the individual has an episode of gouty arthritis, there is a high chance for another attack in the future.


Lupus can trigger sudden joint pain which is an autoimmune disease. The condition affects the joints, blood vessels, skin and some internal organs.

The usual indications of lupus include swollen or painful joints, fever, muscle pain, chest pain, extreme fatigue and light sensitivity. Many individuals with lupus also have a distinctive red facial rash (butterfly rash) on the cheeks and nose.

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