What are issues linked with flat feet?

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Flat feet basically develop once the arch of the foot does not arch. Take note that the arch might not develop during childhood and there are certain conditions that can cause the arch to fall as well. There are several individuals with flat feet who do not experience any issues or complications. On the other hand, some can suffer from pain or issues with the feet, lower legs and ankles. The treatment options for some of the issues linked with flat feet include using leg braces, shoe inserts, medications and even surgery.


The pain linked with flat feet occurs on the interior of the ankle, on the foot or in the lower leg. Always bear in mind that the pain is worse when the individual is walking, standing or running and diminishes while the individual is at rest. The pain can sometimes be severe enough to prevent to the individual from engaging in sports and other physical activities.

Flat feet
The pain linked with flat feet occurs on the interior of the ankle, on the foot or in the lower leg.


Tendinitis usually occurs as a complication of flat feet. The condition caused by flat feet usually affects the Achilles tendon since the high level of stress is placed on the rear part of the heel and ankle. The symptoms of tendinitis usually include swelling, pain and warmth on the area of the tendon. You can register for first aid training today to manage this condition effectively.


It is important to note that flat feet can also cause the formation of calluses on the feet. The friction produced from rubbing against the interior of the shoe causes the hardened, thickened layer of skin to develop.


Flat feet can occur after the individual is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the ankle or foot. The arthritis causes flat feet in almost half of those who have the condition. Take note that this form of arthritis instigates pain and inflammation in the joint lining as well as cause joint damage and erosion of the bone.

Shin splint

An individual who has flat feet can cause the development of shin splints. The condition involves inflammation on the shinbone due to overuse while running without the proper form of the foot. The symptoms of shin splint include pain in the shin and pain in the lower leg when the foot is bent.


A hammertoe can occur due to the weakened muscles from flat feet. When it comes to hammertoe, it curls in an upward manner at the joint before bending down again which provides the toe with a claw-like appearance and can be painful.


A bunion is a condition that typically affects the joint at the base of the big toe. Ill-fitting shoes caused by flat feet can add pressure on this joint. As a result, the pressure causes the joint to become bigger and pushes the big toe towards the other toes, causing pain in the joint.


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