What are the types of strokes?

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Throughout the years, stroke has been the leading cause of death as well as disability. Based on these statistics, knowledge about stroke especially the types and causes are vital in order to properly manage the condition. There are two main types of stroke – ischemic and hemorrhagic. Each type is distinct and has its own causes but both can cause substantial damage to the brain tissue, thus early delivery of emergency care is vital.

Ischemic stroke

Ischemia basically indicates that a particular body part has been deprived of blood. During an ischemic stroke, the deprivation of blood in the brain is due to a clogged blood vessel. The brain requires oxygen in order to function and the only way is through the blood supply. In case the blood supply is blocked by a clot or constriction of a blood vessel, the tissue on the other side will start to die. Always remember that brain tissue that dies could not regenerate. This leads to memory loss and function among those who suffered from stroke.

Always remember that brain tissue that dies could not regenerate. This leads to memory loss and function among those who suffered from stroke.

What are the causes of ischemic stroke?

Various diseases can lead to an ischemic stroke. One is atherosclerosis which involves the narrowing of the arteries caused by the accumulation of cholesterol on the vessel walls. As a result, it blocks off the blood supply to the tissue. Take note that blood clots can form on these plaques and clog the vessel in the same manner. Additionally, if a blood clot forms in the heart, there is a possibility that it can go to the brain and cause a stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs on a blood vessel starts to bleed within the brain. It is important to note that there are two kinds of hemorrhagic stroke – subarachnoid and intracerebral. An intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke occurs within the deep structures of the brain. As for a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke, it occurs on the boundary of the brain. The excess amount of blood from either type will increase the pressure within the skull, thus depriving the brain tissue from oxygen.

What are the causes of a hemorrhagic stroke?

There are various causes for the two types of hemorrhagic strokes. When it comes to the intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke, it is commonly caused by high blood pressure. In most cases, the individual might not be even aware of the high blood pressure until a stroke has already developed. A subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke is usually caused by a cerebral aneurysm. This is a debilitated region of a blood vessel that bulges in an outward manner and eventually bursts. Until now, there is no known cause why cerebral aneurysms occur.

Always remember that even if an individual suffered from a transient ischemic attack, it would require medical attention since it can eventually lead to the occurrence of a full-blown stroke. Being familiar with the differences off the two types of stroke can greatly help so that the appropriate care ca be delivered as soon as possible.

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