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Wrist numbness

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Wrist numbness can be due to various problems that can range from simple to severe that might require medications or therapy. In case the individual experiences frequent wrist numbness, it is vital to consult a doctor as soon as possible to deal with the exact root of the problem as well as boost the chances of healing properly.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, it occurs once a nerve in the wrists are compressed which is the common cause of tingling, burning, aching, weakness and wrist numbness.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause these symptoms in the thumb and fingers and the pain can radiate up to the elbow. The condition also develops if the individual performs repetitive movements such as playing piano, typing, writing or playing racquet ball.

An individual is also at higher risk to develop the condition if he/she is overweight, has certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes or experiencing hormonal changes with menopause, pregnancy, underactive thyroid or premenstrual syndrome.

Wrist numbness
When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, it occurs once a nerve in the wrists are compressed which is the common cause of tingling, burning, aching, weakness and wrist numbness.

Other possible causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not the only cause of wrist numbness. The individual can also suffer from wrist numbness if the nerve in the wrist is injured, pressure in the spine and lack of blood supply to the region.

Issues with the heart such as migraines, multiple sclerosis, stroke or seizure can also lead to momentary or lasting wrist numbness. Insect bites, vitamin deficiencies and certain medication can also lead to numbness.

Diagnosing wrist numbness

Since wrist numbness can be due to various conditions, the ideal way to deal with the root of the issue is to come up with a diagnosis from a doctor. The doctor will assess the medical history and conduct a physical examination.

If needed, the doctor will take out blood samples to check the levels of hormones, blood sugar, electrolytes, vitamins and any possible toxins. Additionally, imaging tests are also carried out and utilize nerve or cold stimulation test to check for conditions such as nerve damage or poor circulation. Fluid might also be extracted from the spine which is a procedure called as spinal tap or lumbar puncture. This is performed if a central nervous system condition is suspected.


Always bear in mind that the treatment is focused on the underlying cause of the wrist numbness. In most cases, the doctor might advise working hand in hand with a physical therapist to properly manage the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are also home remedies that also play a big role in relieving the wrist numbness. There is also a need to make the necessary modifications to the posture while at work or take breaks to relieve the wrist from strain from repetitive movements.

In case the wrist issue is due to an acute injury, there is a need to apply an ice pack and using a splint. As for other causes of wrist numbness, vitamin supplements might be needed as well as prescription medications or even surgery.

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