Burning feet

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Have you experienced your feet burn? It is important to note that burning feet can have various causes that range from minor issues with the shoes and socks used or serious health conditions. Even though some have issues with numb toes, those who experience burning can treat and prevent the issue.

Using hot shoes and insoles

An individual might have sensitivity to the fabric or leather dye present in the shoes or socks or even the detergent that was used to wash the socks. It is recommended to try on various socks made out of different materials as well as different brands and kinds of shoes.

In most cases, mesh shoes are preferred since they allow the feet to breathe. Some insoles can cause the feet to feel hot even in mesh shoes. All you have to do is to purchase a new insole or swap with insoles from another pair of shoes to check if it is the culprit for the burning feet sensation.

If an individual has athlete’s foot, the burning sensation is usually limited to the area of fungal infection.

Hot socks

It is important to note that natural fibers are not suitable for walking except cotton socks and wool socks in some cases. The individual should wear socks made out of Cool-Max or other artificial fibers that are capable of wicking sweat away from the feet and cools them down. This will help prevent the feeling of having burning feet.

Athlete’s foot

If an individual has athlete’s foot, the burning sensation is usually limited to the area of fungal infection. In most cases, the area is itchy, red, cracking or scaling. Proper foot care is vital in managing this condition.

The fungus typically thrives in damp places, thus it is important to change shoes frequently to allow them to dry out in between use. Wash and dry the feet properly after walking. You can also utilize a variety of powders and remedies to manage the condition as well.

Peripheral neuropathy

This condition involves damage to the nerves in the feet. Burning feet is one symptom but can manifest as “pins and needles” sensation, tickling, numbness or tingling. One of the common causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. If the individual experiences burning feet and has not consulted a doctor for some time, it is best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Remember that diabetes can occur at any age and it pays to start dealing with it right away.

Other conditions that can cause peripheral neuropathy include alcohol abuse, AIDS, heavy metal poisoning, vitamin B-1 deficiency and circulatory disorders.

How to deal with burning feet

  • After walking, it is recommended to change shoes and socks and allow the shoes to dry out completely.
  • Provide the individual with pain medications such as acetaminophen or aspirin
  • Soak the feet in cool water
  • The individual should change the shoes, socks and insoles used
  • Try to rotate the socks and shoes in between walking sessions and throughout the day
  • A doctor should be consulted for any tingling or numbness in the hands or other areas

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