Chronic chapped lips

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Almost everyone has experienced chapped lips at some point in their lives. Once chapped lips become a regular issue rather than an occasional problem, it might be time to determine the exact cause and find an effective cure. Just like with other minor health issues, chronic cases of chapped lips can indicate an underlying health condition. In some cases, it might be a side effect of environmental or dietary choices. It is recommended that the individual will try out several treatment options until he/she can find one that provides lasting relief.

Increased fluid intake

Increasing the fluid intake is recommended if the individual has chronic chapped lips. Remember that dehydration contributes to this condition. The individual should aim to drink more plain water and eat foods that are high in water content such as vegetables and fruits. Proper hydration can prevent development of chapped lips.

It is important to note that there are certain environmental factors specifically sun exposure, harsh winds and cold that can lead to chronic chapped lips.

Changes in the environment

It is important to note that there are certain environmental factors specifically sun exposure, harsh winds and cold that can lead to chronic chapped lips. Avoidance of these conditions will provide the chapped lips a chance to heal while preventing future instances of the condition. It is not recommended to lick the lips regularly since this creates a harsh environment for the skin on the lips. When staying outdoors during harsh weather, proper protective gear should be used at all times in order to prevent the development of chapped lips.

Nutrient-dense diet

Chapped lips as well as other oral health conditions often occur as a result of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Remember that foods packed with niacin and other B vitamins as well as iron can help maintain healthy lips.

Using sunscreen

One big benefit of using a lip balm is that it often contains sunscreen. Always bear in mind that the lips are susceptible to sunburn just like any exposed part of the skin. The application of a sunblock on the lips on a consistent basis can manage chapped lips due to sunburn.

Removal of allergens

If an individual has a chronic cases of chapped lips, allergies to the commonly used household products are usually responsible. Take note that lip balms and lipsticks usually contain propyl gallate which is an additive that can cause chapped, irritated lips among those who have sensitivity to it. Even toothpaste also contains common irritants. It is vital that the individual should avoid using any of these products to check if the chapped lips eventually clear up.

Underlying health issues

There are certain health conditions such as yeast infections, hyperthyroidism, tonsillitis, sleep apnea and lupus that can lead to chronic chapped lips. It is sometimes not possible to manage chapped lips until the individual is properly diagnosed and the underlying cause is treated. The treatment of the conditions that lead to chapped lips can cure the lip issue over time.

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