Dealing with an allergic reaction to tomatoes

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An allergic reaction to tomatoes is frequently triggered by oral allergy syndrome. Those who are diagnosed with hay fever face the highest risk due to cross-reactivity amidst the plant proteins and similar proteins present in vegetables and fruits.

The symptoms generally arise at the point of contact and include swollen lips, itchiness, blisters in the throat or mouth or irritation of the affected site. Other parts of the body might have symptoms if a reaction is not triggered by oral allergy syndrome.

Swollen lips

Swelling and itchiness inside or around the lips is an initial sign.

A reaction to tomatoes arises right after exposure to tomatoes. Swelling and itchiness inside or around the lips is an initial sign.

The swelling is usually brief and lasts if the tomato is in contact with the lips. The mouth and lips should be rinsed with water to lessen the swelling. If the individual has oral allergy syndrome, he/she might have a similar reaction to other vegetables and fruits.

Mouth blisters

Blisters might form within the mouth if allergic to tomatoes. The areas that are directly exposed to the tomato juice, flesh, seeds or skin can flare up as a blister or a lesion.

A tingling sensation is a cautionary indication that a blister is almost developing. The symptoms might arise right away or up to 30 minutes after exposure. The lesions and blisters settle once the tomato is swallowed or removed from the mouth and any leftover juices are rinsed away.

Skin rash

The signs of oral allergy are limited to the mouth region, but if allergic to tomatoes without any current cross-reactivity with pollen, the individual might have a reaction in another body part.

If allergic to tomatoes and the skin was directly exposed to a raw tomato, the symptoms that might arise include irritation, localized itchiness, stinging or a rash.

Throat irritation

Mild itchiness and irritation in the throat due to a reaction to tomato is common and not an issue of concern. The symptoms are generally brief and settle if tomato is removed from the mouth.

The reactions to tomato allergies are rarely serious. Nevertheless, if the individual has difficulty breathing, tightening of the throat or a systemic body reaction arises, seek medical care right away or call for emergency assistance since it might be a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis.

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