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Frontoparietal stroke

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A frontoparietal stroke affects the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain. It is important to note that a stroke involves abrupt deprivation of blood flow to the brain due to an obstruction or rupture of a blood vessel within the brain. This results to the lack of oxygen and essential nutrients to the affected part of the brain, thus affecting all functions controlled by the area.

What are the possible effects of a frontoparietal stroke?

The brain is comprised of 3 main regions – cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. The cerebrum is the biggest and advanced region of the brain with a right and left hemisphere. It is responsible for controlling emotions, speech, fine movement and sensory stimuli and contains the parietal, frontal, occipital and temporal lobes.

It is important to note that the frontal lobe is responsible for controlling solving, emotions and selective attention behavior. Any damage to the frontal lobe can disrupt these functions.


Frontoparietal stroke
A stroke in the right hemisphere of the cerebrum can affect the left side of the body while a stroke in the left hemisphere affects the right side.

The signs and symptoms of a stroke is based on the area of the brain affected such as the following:

  • Numbness with weakness or paralysis on the affected side
  • Headache
  • Visual impairment
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Poor coordination
  • Sudden loss of consciousness

A stroke in the right hemisphere of the cerebrum can affect the left side of the body while a stroke in the left hemisphere affects the right side. Any injury to the right parietal lobe will affect touch, vision, taste and sound.


The treatment involves initial assessment to determine if the cause is a blockage or bleeding. If the individual is stabilized and the required supportive measures are carried out to deal with difficulty breathing, dehydration and hypertension.

The necessary steps are taken to prevent any complications. Rehabilitation is required to ensure that the individual has an optimum recovery. In addition, lifestyle changes are required to prevent future strokes.

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