How to handle nose injuries

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Any direct blow or impact on the nose can cause damage. Whether instigated by sports, fighting or through a mishap, nose injuries can lead to fractures in the nose, resulting to contusion, bleeding or injury to the nasal septum. The treatment for nose injuries aims to control the bleeding, minimize the swelling and alleviate the pain. Consulting a doctor might be required for serious injuries, but there are first aid measures that can be performed on the spot for minor nose injuries.

Controlling the bleeding of nose injuries

In all cases of nose injuries, bleeding is always present. The initial treatment involves the application of pressure in order to control the bleeding. First, you have to squeeze the nostrils shut while carefully evading the nasal bones and instruct the individual to breathe using the mouth. The nose must be held for about 10-20 minutes. You can apply ice to minimize the bleeding as well as reduce the pain and swelling.

Oftentimes, if the injury is a serious one, using pressure might not work and it would require the packing of gauze within the nostrils. You have to be careful that the individual will not rub or blow his/her nose after the bleeding has stopped since this can trigger another bleeding episode. In case a child has a nose injury, calm the child so that he/she will stop crying since this will only worsen the bleeding.

Nose injuries
In all cases of nose injuries, bleeding is always present. The initial treatment involves the application of pressure in order to control the bleeding.

Avoiding injury irritants

Using any type of anti-inflammatory medication including aspiring must not be taken for at least two days after an injury since it can lead to more nose bleeding episodes. Once the swelling has diminished, you have to apply a warm compress on the injured area to minimize the pain. You have to be careful that the heating pad or warm towel used is not too warm since the warmth can thin out the blood as well as make the bleeding difficult to control.

Always remember that the nasal cavity and the surrounding membranes are tender and sensitive after sustaining an injury. Anything that will irritate the nasal cavity such as drinking alcohol or smoking will increase the risk for another bleeding episode. Take note that smoking will delay the healing process since it limits the blood supply. Good circulation is essential during the healing process of any tissue.

Nose injuries are likely to cause blockage in the nasal cavity and the individual will also experience a stuffed feeling. In such cases, the mucus in the nose must be kept to a minimum by encouraging the individual to drink plenty of fluids. Additionally, the individual must not breathe dry air. This can be avoided by using a humidifier that will help keep the air moist.

When to consult a doctor

If the nose appears crooked or broken, it must be handled by a doctor. In some cases, surgery might be required to straighten the nose properly or to correct a septum that is deviated. If left untreated, nose injuries can result to lasting physical deformity and even respiratory issues.

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