Indications of facial wash allergy

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Being exposed to certain ingredients present in facial wash and other skincare products can trigger allergic contact dermatitis in some highly sensitive individuals. Even though sensitivity to certain substances differs from one individual to another, some compounds such as perfumes can trigger allergy symptoms more often than others. The ingredients that are included in facial care products might be capable of triggering allergic reactions, thus it is best to avoid including them in the daily routine.

This is one reason why some individuals who have sensitivities should carefully check the ingredients included in some facial products in order to avoid triggering any reaction.

Skin itchiness and stinging sensation

The itchiness or stinging sensation in the skin might be the initial indication of irritation from a particular product including facial washes. These symptoms might start to manifest right away after contact with the substance or even delayed up to 10 days later if it is the first exposure of the individual.

Once the skin absorbs the allergenic components or ingredients that are present in certain facial washes, the body transmits histamine into the bloodstream. Take note that these chemicals cause undesirable skin itchiness that many individuals find annoying. Most cases of contact dermatitis symptoms occur at the area of exposure. A facial wash can drip and splash, thus either a few or all areas of contact might be affected.

The ingredients that are included in facial care products might be capable of triggering allergic reactions, thus it is best to avoid including them in the daily routine.

Eye issues

In case the irritating skincare ingredients reach the eyes, the individual might experience allergic conjunctivitis. The signs and symptoms of this condition include red-colored and itchy eyes that might become watery and overflow with tears. Just like skin issues, long-term eye symptoms can lead to lasting damage, thus it is vital to identify and remove the allergenic substance from the environment.

It is vital to carefully read the product labels to link the allergy symptoms with specific skincare formulas. Consulting a doctor might be needed in order to determine the ingredient of the product that is responsible for triggering the reactions through allergy testing.


The chemical elements present in fragrances, preservatives and dyes most often trigger allergic contact dermatitis. Even after rinsing off the facial wash, the inflammation instigated by common allergens such as alpha hydroxyl acids or formaldehyde progresses.

In most cases, the facial skin might have evident redness due to inflammation. The individual can also experience rashes that are crusty, dry and scaly or blister-like lesions that can grow in size and even ooze fluid. Remember that these areas are at risk for skin infections.

Due to the allergenic nature of some skin care products include facial washes, an individual who has certain sensitivities must carefully read the labels if they contain possible allergy-causing ingredients or components. If possible, a dermatologist should be consulted so that appropriate skin care products will be recommended.

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