What are the causes of skin ulcers?

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It is important to note that a skin ulcer is basically a crater-like formation on the skin that is caused by various reasons such as infection, inflammation or even cancer. Ulcers are sores that do not seem to heal properly or continue to recur. The ulcers may or may not cause any pain. Individuals who have skin ulcers can experience itchiness or burning sensation on the area surrounding the wound as well as discomfort due to the swelling that accompanies the ulcer. Always remember that ulcers can also be accompanied by a brown discoloration around the sore, red-colored rash as well as flaky, dry skin.

Buildup of fluid

Once fluid starts to accumulate beneath the skin, it can cause the condition which is called as stasis dermatitis that is characterized by skin ulcers. As the fluid builds up in the body, the blood cells are prevented from feeding the cells and eliminating waste from the system. As a consequence, the skin tissue becomes feeble and lacks the proper nourishment. The development of ulcers on the ankles is usually prevalent with this condition since there is inadequate supportive tissue on the ankles and gravity pulls the fluid downwards. The swelling and the buildup of fluid can be triggered by poor circulation due to various conditions such as congestive heart failure and varicose veins.

Skin ulcer
If the individual is lying in a single position, it can cause skin ulcers especially those who are bed-ridden.


If the individual is lying in a single position, it can cause skin ulcers especially those who are bed-ridden. Ulcer is caused by prolonged pressure that disrupts the flow of blood. The tissue becomes deprived of oxygen that eventually leads to the dying of the skin. Regular shifting is required in order to prevent bedsores but the friction due to the movements can worsen the ulcers, thus damaging the skin. Sliding movement on the chair or bed over time can weaken the skin and cause open ulcers. If a family member is bed-ridden, you will surely benefit by enrolling in a first aid course today.

Certain diseases

Skin ulcers are commonly seen among individuals who have renal failure, diabetes, lupus, hypertension and diseases that impair the circulation as well as poor healing after trauma or injuries to the skin. The infections often turn into skin ulcers among individuals who have high cholesterol, bowel disorders, high blood pressure as well as sickle cell anemia. Conditions that affect the clotting of blood such as arteriosclerosis can also lead to skin ulcers.


It is important to note that tumors can also cause skin ulcers. The malignant skin ulcer caused by tumors is responsible for many cases of cancer in different parts of the globe. In most cases, a biopsy of the skin lesion is needed in order to diagnose cancer. These lesions initially appear on the neck or head as well as areas of the body that were constantly exposed to the sun. At first, it is defined by turned edges and a lustrous appearance that eventually develops into a crater-like ulcer.

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