What are the symptoms of banana allergy?

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Banana allergy is considered as a rare food allergy but those who have the allergy must be careful not to ingest the fruit. Food allergies are quite common, especially peanut and seafood allergies in which the individual experiences a mild or life-threatening reaction. Just like with other allergies, banana allergy can also lead to a reaction that can be mild or severe.

It is important to note that banana allergy has two forms. The first form is an allergy to bananas due to an allergic reaction to the ragweed pollen. The second form which is considered a severe reaction typically develops since the allergens present in bananas are similar to the allergens present in latex. This is known as the latex-fruit allergy and those who have this are also allergic to kiwi, avocado and mango.

Oral symptoms

Individuals who have the ragweed pollen reaction to bananas can experience swelling in the mouth and itchiness within an hour after the fruit is eaten.

Throat symptoms

In some cases of banana allergy, the individual will sometimes suffer an irritated throat and even inflammation by simply consuming the fruit. Take note that this allergic reaction is usually linked with ragweed pollen reaction to bananas. If the swelling blocks the throat, it is considered as a life-threatening symptom since it can lead to difficulty breathing.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

Banana allergy
Individuals who have the latex-fruit allergy to bananas can also experience abdominal pain that can sometimes be severe right after eating a banana.

Individuals who have the latex-fruit allergy to bananas can also experience abdominal pain that can sometimes be severe right after eating a banana. In some cases, the individual can also experience vomiting.

Skin reactions

If an individual has latex-fruit allergy when it comes to bananas, he/she will likely get hives after eating the fruit.


It is important to bear in mind that in rare cases, a banana allergy can lead to an anaphylactic reaction in some individuals. This is considered as a life-threatening condition in which the individual experiences swelling of the throat, thus constricting the airways as well as dilated blood vessels and diminished blood pressure. If emergency care is not provided right away, the individual can go into shock and it can be lethal.

During an anaphylaxis, the individual must be given treatment right away at the hospital. Take note that individuals who are prone to severe allergic reactions usually bring along an EpiPen wherever they go. If the individual has one, you have to administer a shot on the thigh. Once an epinephrine shot is given, it will help counteract the symptoms of the allergic reaction until the medical team can provide further treatment.

Undergoing an allergy test

The best way to determine if the individual has banana allergy is to undergo testing. During a skin prick test, the doctor will prick the skin and introduce the allergen. If there is a reaction on the skin such as a rash, it clearly indicates that the individual is allergic to bananas.


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