What are the uses for silver sulfadiazine cream?

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If you have not heard about silver sulfadiazine cream, it is basically a sulfa drug that eliminates bacteria and yeast organisms that are responsible for causing wound infections especially in severe cases of wounds or cases where dead tissue are present.

Silver sulfadiazine cream is only for topical use and usually applied in 3-5mm thick layer. The cream requires reapplication if it rubs off on clothing or bedding. The affected skin is usually wrapped using a layer of cream for the ideal protection and fast healing. During the application of the cream, you have to utilize sterile one-use gloves and continuously abide with the instructions given by the doctor for managing burns. If you want to learn more about this treatment cream, click here.

Chemical burns

Silver sulfadiazine cream is highly beneficial in managing dermal chemical burns. It is utilized in a similar way as a treatment for thermal burns which involves the removal of the necrotic tissue and daily cleaning to promote a suitable environment so that the healing process can start. The layer of silver sulfadiazine cream that is applied will help keep the affected area free from infection.

Extensive thermal burns

Silver sulfadiazine cream
The layer of silver sulfadiazine cream that is applied will help keep the affected area free from infection.

When treating second and third-degree burns, silver sulfadiazine cream is used as the main form of treatment. The cream works by eliminating the bacteria and yeast that are responsible for causing skin infections during the healing process. You can apply a layer of the cream on the wound continuously along with proper cleansing of the affected area and reapplication at two times in a day.

For severe burns that involve necrotic tissue, it would require debridement which is the removal of dead tissue. Silver sulfadiazine cream can be applied using sterile gloves right after the debridement procedure.

Stasis dermatitis

Stasis dermatitis is basically the inflammation of the skin in the lower legs due to the accumulated venous blood. The condition can be triggered by poor circulation from lymphatic disorders or phlebitis which leads to swelling and death of cells that eventually causes the lesions on the skin. Silver sulfadiazine cream is oftentimes recommended to help with the healing process of the skin lesions.


A severe case of sunburn that involves blisters is considered as a second-degree burn. The cream can be placed on a blistering sunburn just like with other forms of burns. In such cases, you have to clean the area on a daily basis and reapply the cream two times a day. In case a secondary skin infection develops, it is usually at the later stages of the healing process. Just remember not to use the cream for as long as the doctor recommends.

When going on vacation in warm locations such as the beach, it is important to use proper protective gear as well as apply sunscreen to prevent skin damage from occurring.

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