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Cast care: How to keep one dry in the shower

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If an individual has a fracture, he/she is likely to have a cast and there is a challenge of keeping it dry while taking a shower or bath. There are several measures that must be observed to keep the cast dry while keeping the body clean at the same time.

It is not advisable to take a shower by holding the cast out of the way. Take note that water will inevitably drip down the leg or arm, thus soaking the padding of the cast. It is vital to use something that will cover the cast. If soiled, the cast can cause various issues including skin problems, bad odor and discomfort.

Materials to use to keep a cast dry

Plastic bag

You can look for a newspaper bag since it has the right size to cover the support. Other suitable alternatives include a small-sized trash bag. These plastic bags can be sealed at the top with tape or a rubber band. If a rubber band is used, the bag can be reused and relatively kinder on the skin. Just make sure to check the bag carefully for any holes and do not try to immerse the cast.

Cast care
If an individual has a fracture, he/she is likely to have a cast and there is a challenge of keeping it dry while taking a shower or bath.

Cast covers

There are various companies in the market that produce sleeves that are specially designed to cover the cast. These sleeves often include a pump that sucks the air out from under the cover to form a tight seal against the leg or arm.

The covers are available in various sizes and seem to work effectively in maintaining the dryness. They are also durable than the other options and not likely to tear. The covers must stay dry even when submerge or immersed underwater. Even though they seem slightly costly than using a simple plastic bag, they stand out for their durability and more effective in keeping the water out.

Plastic wrap

A plastic wrap can be utilized to cover a cast but it should be tightly wrapped around the affected limb. Just be careful to ensure that there is a good seal around the top part of the support. This method might leave gaps in which water can seep through, but not costly and a simple way to cover a cast.

A rubber band can be used at the top part of the cast to ensure that the seal will not leak. Remember to avoid immersing the cast in water since the seal might not be completely tight.

Waterproof cast material

Take note that some materials used to create a cast that can withstand getting wet. Even though these do not make one truly waterproof, they can endure getting wet without causing damage.

These waterproof materials work well for children especially during the summer season. There are various types of waterproof material where some work well than others.

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