Palm injury: What are the indications?

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A palm injury can affect several bones. It is important to note that there are 27 bones in the hand and wrist that are joined by ligaments and tendons. Since most of these bones and other movable parts are interrelated, it might be hard to pinpoint the site of the damage.

If there is difficulty in moving a finger, it might be linked to a palm injury. In case the individual is suspected with a serious hand injury, a doctor should be consulted.

Tenderness and swelling

It is important to note that swelling can develop inside or outside the hand in the region of the palm.

It is important to note that swelling can develop inside or outside the hand in the region of the palm. This might be an indication of a contusion, inflamed tendons, deep bruising or other hand issues.

It might also be an indication of a stress fracture in the hand, especially if the swelling is serious. In case the swelling is accompanied by tenderness, it is likely a stress fracture especially if the hand is not mobile without pain and the skin is tender.

Difficulty moving the hand

There is difficulty in moving one or several fingers on the hand or holding objects securely if a palm injury is likely. The pain will not always originate in the palm, but also the bones, ligaments and tendons that bind them and control movement

Tingling or numbness

Any form of numbness or tingling in the palm is often an indication of nerve damage in the hand. If this is the cause of palm injury, there is a burning or needle-like sensation. In most cases, the condition does not pose as a serious threat to health.

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