Pressure headache: How is it managed?

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A pressure headache arises if the sinuses are congested. Allergies, common cold or sinus infection can trigger this form of headache.

The symptoms that typically occur with the headache include pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead as well as tender skin around the eyes and discomfort during abrupt motions. A doctor must be consulted if the individual suffers from chronic headaches.

Pain medications

The discomfort caused by a pressure headache can be managed with an over-the-counter pain medication. Rapid relief can be given with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Even though the effects are only brief, the medications can help while attempting to relieve the sinus congestion responsible for the pressure headache.

Nasal rinse

The discomfort caused by a pressure headache can be managed with an over-the-counter pain medication.

The sinuses should be rinsed using a saline spray. An over-the-counter saline spray can be used to flush out mucus that congests the sinuses. This can be repeated at least 2 times a day while the symptoms are present.


A humidifier can be used as part of treatment for the sinus congestion responsible for the pressure headache. One can be installed in the heating and cooling system of the house or opt for a portable version in the bedroom.


Allow the individual to inhale steam. Simply turn on a shower on the hottest setting and stay in the bathroom with the door closed. The individual should inhale the steam 2-4 times daily for several minutes.


The individual should take drugs to deal with the underlying cause of the pressure headache. The doctor might suggest medications based on the symptoms that are present with the headache.

Antibiotics are given if a sinus infection is suspected. Nasal and oral decongestants might be recommended to deal with nasal congestion. Antihistamines are given if an allergic reaction is the suspected cause of the pressure headache.

Surgical intervention

Surgery is usually the last resort for chronic cases of sinus infections. In case the medications could not alleviate the infections responsible for the pressure headache, surgical enlargement of the sinuses might be suggested by the doctor.

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